Search Engine Optimisation – DIY SEO Tips

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Few genuinely tell you the simplest way to work out a feasible DIY search engine marketing project. In this article I am hoping to outline this popular subject matter in 5 easy to manage steps.

February 21, 2011   Posted by: Brentwood Web Design

Search Engine Optimisation – DIY SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a process of finding the most relevant targeted keywords and phrases related to your website and making sure that your web site ranks highly in search engines for your chosen terms. This is important so that anytime someone searches for certain phrases it returns your site towards the top or at least within the initial page of results, this in turn should drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Capitalizing on the benefits of a nicely optimized website will deliver increased revenue for your business.

As you will likely know, you can find practically thousands of sites these days offering to accomplish this for you at a price that’s usually extremely high. Yet, to tell you the truth, you can uncover a large sum of information regarding SEO freely offered by just as many sites online. Having said that, few genuinely tell you the simplest way to work out a feasible DIY search engine marketing project. In this article I am hoping to outline this popular subject matter in 5 easy to manage steps.

1. Pick the right Keywords

Before you can make an effort to improve your web site for google, it is advisable to find the best keywords to target for your site. It really is absolutely critical that you not skip this because the rest of your SEO efforts rely on it.

2. Keyword Relevant Domain

Something simple will appeal to visitors physically typing the web address, but for SEO something comprising your keyword or phrase will be much more helpful.

3. Optimise Your Site

This may include things like setting up pertinent page titles, the frequency of keywords and phrases included in the text and tags of your site, ensuring that you include keywords and phrases in H1 headings etc… Try to add in adaptations on your keywords and phrases also. When your website is complete add a site map and submit this to google and other search engines.

4. Link-building

Incoming links are a crucial component of making a successful and highly ranked website. There are numerous ways this can be achieved. The easy place to start would be free web directories, these are widespread on the internet and an extremely quick method of getting your site found. Reciprocal linking is popular but requires you looking for a number of sites related to your niche and that the author or owner of the web site you wish to have a link exchange with is willing. Put your website address in your forum and social network profiles. You will probably be surprised with the eventual surge of your page in the rankings by making use of this means of SEO.

5. Write Content

This can be both content for your own site or for article submitting and guest posting on other blogs and forums. Producing truly informative and keyword rich articles is one sure-fire way to make your internet business more visible than ever. The readability and freshness of your articles will be the determining factor of their success.

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